We have answered your most common questions about Bristol YIMBY
Who is behind the Bristol YIMBY campaign?

Every member of our group has a professional background in the planning and development industry, including town planners and technologists. We all share a common belief that new homes are broadly a good thing and can contribute positively to people's lives.

What if we don't support certain plans?

Our aim is to provide a platform for people to support development proposals, without prejudice. We will never force or coerce our members to show support for proposals for new development of any kind, but our aim is to give them the resources to do so if they wish.

What else will the campaign get involved in?

For proposals of major significance, we might decide to use our platform to actively raise awareness and get as many people involved as possible. But we won't take a position ourselves, and leave it up to people to decide if they think the proposals are worth supporting.

Is the campaign just for new homes?

Everytime we build homes, we need to provide infrastructure for the people that live there, like shops, walking and cycling routes, places to work and community facilities. We therefore encourage people to share proposals for other types of development, too.

What development would you not support?

We don't discriminate against any proposals to build new homes or supporting infrastructure. Anyone is free to share a proposal on our interactive map, and we leave it up to individuals to decide whether they think it is a good thing that is worth supporting.

How else can I get involved in the campaign?

We are always looking for people with additional skills and knowledge of housing and planning to get involved. Please get in touch by emailing hello@bristolyimby.com if you think you can help, or if you're simply interested in learning more about the campaign.

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