Build support for development ideas and proposals across the city with Bristol YIMBY's interactive tools

Citizens, community groups, policy-makers and developers can pin a development idea, policy, pre-application proposal or live planning application to the Bristol YIMBY interactive map. They can include a web link for visitors to find further information, a PDF download to provide more detail and a planning application reference number so people can support their proposal formally. They can also opt to receive email notifications when someone supports their proposal.

The proposal is then visible for everyone to see. Bristol people can then explore the map, find proposals in their area, show their support for proposals they like and share them with friends, neighbours, family, colleagues and social media followers, all in a matter of seconds.

Build support for your proposal by following seven simple steps:

  1. Zoom into the location on our Proposals map that your development idea, policy, proposal or planning application relates to
  2. Click Add a proposal
  3. Click or drag the green pin to the exact location of your proposal
  4. Complete the form below the map to provide details of your proposal, such as the planning application number, a link to further information, an image and/or a PDF download
  5. Enter a few details about you and choose whether to receive an email notification when someone supports your proposal
  6. Click Submit, at which point your proposal will be automatically added to the map
  7. Use the links provided on the next screen to share your proposal with social media followers, the community, elected members and stakeholders for them to find out about, show their support and share with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues

If you would like to know more about our exciting new features, send us an email at and we'll be happy to tell you more.

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